Saturday, July 10, 2010

Love and Magik

So, I have happy news. I am engaged to be married. I met the most wonderful man in England. His name is Sean and I am head over heels. He has left England to live with me in America. He is a very bright lawyer and he is my safe place.

One of the wonderful things about being in this relationship with Sean is he knows I am a witch. How could he not. When I met him I was boiling some mugwort for my bruises and he came in and asked me what I was doing. I told him what I was doing and told him I was a witch.

When our relationship deepened, I gave him a book about being in a relationship with a witch, either as a family member or a romantic partner. It explains some the basic things he should know about life with a Witch...which is basically, we are just like everyone else, we simply pray and work a little differently. He has accepted me wholeheartedly and I love him deeply for it.

So, one of things we must really think about is how to tell people we love who we are. This is not always easy and it will not always work out the way we would like, but being honest and being open to questions, even if they trouble us or make us feel defensive is always the best policy. Sharing yourself with the universe is always hard, we are raised to be so self centered and egoistic. But letting go and letting God is always the best way to do things.

Before you decide to tell someone, you may want to cast some spells that encourage acceptance and understanding and cool emotions. You might want to cast for yourself to have wisdom on your tongue and anger cooled, because sometimes they can upset you. You can also ask for protection from negativity, not only for yourself but those you talk to. All these things can help you when you decide, with trepidation, to step out of the Broom Closet....

Blessed be,