Saturday, February 23, 2008

When your coven hives off

Merry Meet!

There are those times when you slap yourself on the forehead and wished you'd paid a bit more attention to the "Run Your Coven" chapters of all those Craft books that solitaries usually skip. Gaelyn and I never meant to have a coven, we just thought a few witches of various traditions would want to get together to chant the corners, do some spelling and have cakes and ale a couple of times a month. We didn't realize we were running the Coven of Eclectic Misfits with a handful of couples and one lonely person who was testing the waters.

Gaelyn and I were getting together with two other Christo-Pagan couples. One was a mixed relationship sort of like Gaelyn and me, he was a Christian Mystic but not a witch and she was a Christo-Pagan. The other couple were both Christo- Pagans. They brought the lone person in to observe and participate in our discussion group. The other four couples were Wiccans. But they knew we were primarily interested in blending Christianity and Paganism and would always include Christian worship in our rituals. At first they seemed fine with it.

Then there were a couple times when Gaelyn and I couldn't join the group because Gaelyn's beloved Grandfather passed away and we were splitting our time between here and there. When we were away, Christian segments of worship were ignored, even to the detriment of the Christo-pagans in the group. When we returned and were able to get back to our routines, there was a request that we remove the Christian portions of our rituals for private practice and perform only the Pagan/Wiccan portions of the worship since I would be the only one completely excluded.

Of course my old goat refused. It didn't matter to me, group ritual seemed more important to him than it did to me, anyway. But now, there has been a split and the circle has hived off. But not without bad feelings and that troubles me. So, I want to say in this blog that I am sorry to those who wanted to exclude me and I am sorry to my Gaelyn for being the root of aggrivation and to the lovely ChristoPagan pairs and the one lone observer for the upheaval.

What had been a lovely, lively group is now a little sad and I hate to think that there are bad feelings. But for the circle to work, we must work together and appreciate the energies that we bring with our uniqueness. We lost, all of us, by losing each other.

Brightest Blessings Be