Monday, October 27, 2008

The Cold Ground

Poor Bill and Sookie,

Sookie is discovering the hardest part of dating a Vampire. It's that whole night time, no sunlight, no curling up together on a cold night and being warm through the night and through a lazy morning with nothing better to do than to lie together, make love as if there was nothing better to do.

And Bill is trying to hard and often a day late and dollar short. He brought her flowers when he was taking her to forceably work for Eric, he is too honest when he doesn't have to be, and not honest enough when he should be.

And Bill is scared to death that Sookie will get killed because she doesn't know the Vampire rules and system and how she works or doesn't in his world.

I like to worry for all young lovers, even if one of them is 170 years old and Vampire