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Some Lore and Arcana from the Book of Shadows of Aslinn Dhan Dragonhawk

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Herbs and Oils

Anointing Oils- Jasmine, frankincense, rosemary, rose, myrrh, lily of the valley and lavender.

Purification- mint, dragon’s blood, thyme, myrrh, lavender, parsley, lemon verbena, basil, anise, salt.

Protection- mustard, marigold, eucalyptus, basil, anise, witch hazel, vanilla, sandalwood, pepper, parsley, cinnamon, lilac, rosemary, rose, frankincense sage.

Blessings- Cypress, rosemary, frankincense

Spirituality- Sandalwood, and frankincense

Exorcisms- Sandalwood, pepper, basil, cloves, myrrh, frankincense.

Money- mint, allspice, patchouli, cloves, jasmine, opium, orange, mustard, ginger, anise.

Love- ginger, basil, heather, catnip, musk, gardenia, apple, vanilla, opium , orange, licorice, lemon verbena, thyme, jasmine, honeysuckle, patchouli, cloves, lavender.

Peace- Gardenia, lavender.

Healing- Sandalwood, cinnamon, thyme, opium scent, lavender, sage, eucalyptus, gardenia, mint.

Sleep- opium and lavender and chamomile.

Happiness- catnip and lavender.

Inspiration- cloves, rosemary, lily of the valley

Wisdom- cloves, rosemary, lily of the valley and sage.

Spirituality- Sandalwood, gardenia, myrrh, frankincense

Magik Tools- Myrrh

Transformation- Myrrh

Clairvoyance- honeysuckle, lilac, rose, lemon grass, cinnamon, thyme, nutmeg

Beauty- catnip, rose, rosemary

Releasing love- rose

Banishing- lilac, cedar, patchouli, cloves and rose.

Courage- musk, dragon’s blood, allspice, rosemary

Will power- rosemary

Negative energy( repel) – rosemary

Gossip (stop)- cloves

Fertility- Opium, mustard and patchouli

Gravedust (substitute) – patchouli

Forgiveness- sandalwood, cypress, cedar

Prosperity- basil, chamomile, cinnamon, nutmeg, sage

Meditation- chamomile

Calm- chamomile

Cat Magik- Catnip

Longevity- Sage

Nightmares (prevent) Anise, lavender, chamomile, opium

Success- Ginger, and cinnamon

Lust- licorice, lemon grass

Legal matters- Marigold

Divination- Orange

Wishes- Sandalwood

Mental powers- vanilla

Rejuvenation- vanilla

Solace for lost love- witch hazel, lavender

Remembrance- evergreen

Magik- Vanilla

Forgetfulness- opium

Power- ginger, dragon’s blood

Friendship- rose

Dedication- myrrh

Mental Health- lavender

Preservation- Myrrh

Highmeadow’s Oil- Chamomile, heather and gardenia

Wolf’s song oil- opium, frankincense

Wolf’s Bane- Sage

Solomon Oil- cloves

Holy Oil- Lily of the Valley and or rose

Helping hand- patchouli

Peace oil- Chamomile and lavender

Mandrake oil- ginger or dragon’s blood

Lotus oil- Chinese sandalwood, Arabian musk, rose

Fertility oil- Patchouli

Witchoil- frankincense, rose, lilac, gardenia, honeysuckle, cinnamon, orange, sandalwood, vanilla. (also Wicca oil)

Midas oil- Jasmine, patchouli, mint, orange and opium.

Tranquility oil- chamomile

Forgiveness Oil- Cedar, cypress, or sandalwood.

Joy- Lavender.

Friendship oil- Rose, cedar and lavender

John the Conqueror- Cinnamon, eucalyptus, sandalwood

Moonlight oil- Lily of the Valley, lavender, and dragon’s blood.

White Solstice oil- musk and lavender

Just Judge Oil- Rose musk and vanilla.

Candles and Colors

Red- Aries/Scorpio- Tuesday- South- Willpower, energy, love, career, power, strength, passion, courage, fire, fertility, & Archangel Michael

Green- Taurus- Thursday- Healing, good luck, environment, dispelling jealousy

Yellow- Gemini/Virgo-Sunday- East- inspiration, property, change luck, mental powers, learning, memory, sudden change, charm, visions, new home, confidence, attraction, & Archangel Raphael.

Silver- Cancer- moon magik, encourage, remove negativity, protection, quick money, gambling.

Orange- Leo- property, seal a spell, selling things, good luck, success, energy, attraction, new home, stimulation, justice.

Pink- Libra-love, friendship, spiritual awakening, harmony, fidelity, honor, emotional healing and home blessing.

Purple- Sagittarius- Wednesday- independence, power, sobriety, peace, divination, wisdom, spiritual growth, abstinence, success.

Black- Capricorn- Saturday- sobriety, bindings, protection, abstinence, repelling.

Blue- Aquarius- Friday-West- protection, success, creativity, wisdom, home, truth, sleep, hope, friends, peace, healing, calm, patience, confidence, & Archangel Raphael.

Mauve- Pisces

Grey- Glamories

Light Blue- Remembrance

White- Monday- truth, purity, protection, home purification, peace, moon magik, happiness.

Gold- God- good friends, success, devotion, home blessings.

Brown- North- animal shamanism, home, friendship, locate, lost objects, herbalism, & Archangel Uriel

In an emergency and you don't have the colors you need, white candles can be a substitute.

Celtic Astrology

Dec 23- Jan 1 (June 25-Jul 4) Apple Tree- Thin, charming, pleasant, flirty, adventurous, sensitive, loving, generous, scientific, philosophic, imaginative.

Jan 2-Jan 11 (July5- July 14) Fir Tree- taste, dignity, sophistication, loves beauty, moody, stubborn, modest, ambitious, talented, industrious, reliable.

Jan 12- Jan 24 (July 15-July 25) Elm Tree- pleasant shape- tasteful clothes, modest demands, unforgiving, cheerful, loves to lead, practical, noble minded, generous, humorous.

Jan 25-Feb 3 (Jul 26-Aug 4) Cypress Tree- strong, adaptable, content, optimistic, hates loneliness, faithful, quick tempered, unruly, pedantic, careless.

Feb 4-Feb 8 (May 1- May 14/ Aug 5- Aug 13) Poplar Tree- decorative, unconfident, courageous when they have to be, needs good will, pleasant surroundings, choosy, artistic, organized, and philosophical.

Feb 9- Feb 18 (Aug 14- Aug 23) Cedar Tree- of rare beauty, adaptable, enjoys good health, not shy, a bit snobby, self confident, determined, impatient, impressive, talented, industrious, and optimistic.

Feb 19-Feb 28 (Aug 24- Sept 2) Pine Tree- loves good company, robust, comfortable, active, natural, standoffish, falls in and out of love, gives up

Mar 1- Mar 10 ( Sept 3-Sept 12) Weeping Willow- beautiful, melancholy, attractive, empathetic, loves beauty and travel, big dreamer, restless, honest, demanding, good intuition.

Mar 11- Mar 20 (Sept 13- Sept 22) Lime Tree- accepts what life dishes out, loyal, jealous, hates fighting, stress and work, dislikes laziness in others, soft, relenting, makes sacrifices, talented.

March 21- Oak Tree- robust, courageous, strong, unrelenting, independent, sensible, does not like change, stable, a person of action.

Mar 22- Mar 31 (Sept24- Oct 3)- Hazelnut Tree- charming, undemanding, understanding, makes an impression, agent for change, popular, moody, and excellent sense of judgment.

April 1-April 10 (Oct 4-Oct 13)- Rowan Tree- full of charm, cheerful, gifted, loves attention, life, motion, unrest, and complications, both independent and dependent, artistic, passionate.

April 11-April 20 (Oct 14- Oct 23)- Maple Tree- no ordinary person, imaginative, shy, reserved, ambitious, proud, confident, loves new experiences, nervous, complex, good memory.

April 21-April 30 (Oct 24- Nov 11)- Walnut Tree- unrelenting, strange, full of opposites, egoistic, aggressive, noble, looking for the next horizon, unexpected reaction, spontaneous, limited, ambitious, inflexible, difficult, admired, jealous.

May 15- May 24 (Nov 12- Nov 21)- Chestnut Tree- beautiful, modest, seeks justice, vivacious, diplomatic, irritable, sensitive, low confidence, loves only once.

May 25-June 3 (Nov 22- Dec 1)- Ash Tree- attractive, vivacious, demanding, hates criticism, ambitious, intelligent, egotistical, reliable, trustworthy, faithful, prudent, and serious in love.

June 4- June 13 (Dec 2- Dec 11) Hornbeam Tree- cool beauty, takes care, good taste, makes life comfortable, reasonable, disciplined, kind, cautious, and conscientious.

June 14- June 23 (Dec 12- Dec 21) Fig Tree- strong, willful, independent, doesn’t argue, loves life, family, children, animals, social occasions. Humorous, lazy but talented.

June 24- Birch Tree- vivacious, attractive, elegant, friendly, unpretentious, modest, nothing in excess, hates vulgarity, loves nature, imaginative, but unambitious, calm and content.

September 23- Olive Tree- warmth, kindness, reasonable, balanced, loves the sun, avoids aggression, calm, just, tolerant, cheerful, free of jealousy, loves to read, and being in the company of intellectuals.

Dec 22- Beech Tree- good taste, concerned with appearance, materialistic, organized, economical, leader, no risks, friend for life, and avid health nut.

More to come. Bright Blessings Be

Aslinn Dhan Dragonhawk

Some bits and pieces from the Book of Shadows of Aslinn Dhan

Merry Meet!

I'm sharing some more goodies from my Book of Shadows. Hope you have as much success with them as I have.

All of these rituals and spells are written with the Christian Wicce in mind, but feel free to change them to fit your own discipline needs.

A Cleansing Ritual

Note: In the old days a witch would do her magical work in front of her fire or at a fire outside. From this fire she would light any candles or cook any potion or burn any amulet or talisman as prescribed. To accommodate urban dwellings without access to a fire or an outdoor space, a sacred fire is simply a large candle dedicated to be the witches' fire source.

To be done at the start of any ritual or casting

To cleanse the Space, all objects should be out and ready to be used in your work. With your broom, you should sweep the area of your sacred space and with holy water all should be anointed intoning: “Blessed be this holy space”. You should set up for your ritual and light your Sacred Fire intoning: “This is the Fire of knowledge, truth and hope and inspiration. May it burn brightly for the intention of my Craft.” Meditate and pray in your sacred space. This might be a short prayer, focusing on the person or intention of the work ahead or a reading from the Bible or Prayer Book or the praying of your Rosary or if you are Pagan, to salute your dieties and meditate on the intentions of your workings

Calling the Corners

With your athame, turn in your sacred space and intone:

North, South, East, and West
I call upon your guardian best
Earth, Fire, Water and Wind
To this circle I invoke within:

Uriel, Servant of the Earth, Angel of the North, Aid to Healers, Hear Me!
Michael, Bringer of Fire, Angel of the South, Aid to the Defenseless, Hear Me!
Raphael, Bearer of Water, Angel of the East, Aid to the Seeker, Hear Me!
Gabriel, Master of the Wind, Angel of the West, Aid to the Intuitive, Hear Me!

I charge your powers; create a shield, a spirit wall you may build.
Protect this time, protect this space, protect this ritual in its place.

You may now continue with any ritual or other work.

Binding Spells

Binding spells are cast to protect the witch or the seeker of the spell and to protect the object of the spell from harm. This is very good for the timid or the physically small and it is pretty simple and there are many types.

Binding Spell One


Athame, Bowl, White and Black Candle, paper and pen, wand, incense, sacred fire, salt, and water

Perform cleansing and the calling of the corners to begin each spell.

Pour some of your water into a bowl and bless it with the sign of the cross. Using salt, cast your protective circle and light the white candle from your sacred fire. Place the candle in the center of your circle and with your wand intone:

Angels of the four corners, hear my cry.
Carry my words to your Master and mine.
Within this space stands one who believes
Protect me and give me the strength I need.

Write the name of the one who is harassing you. Roll it like scroll or fold it and lay it in your sacred space. Intone:

On this paper is the name of who is vexing me. Bind them from harassing others, and me, from harming others or me. The harm they inflict comes back to them. By the power of three make it be. May their heart grow heavy with regret but may they make amends. St. Michael the Archangel, I ask your help in this matter.

Burn or otherwise destroy the paper. Say the Lord’s Prayer. Take up your wand and say

___________ I admonish you from harming yourself and others. Your hurtful ways harm not only others but yourself. Angels of the four corners, protect him from harm and protect others from being harmed by him.

Announce: Blessed Be!

Angels of the four corners carry the sentiment of this spell to God in heaven. May all of the elements of this spell enlighten me to help me to withstand evil and encourage those around me to put aside their evil ways that are harmful to themselves and to others. May all we do come back to us seven times.

Perform closing ritual.

Binding Spell Two

This is a quickie spell for when you don’t have time for a full-fledged ritual casting.

Write the name of the person who is harassing you on a piece of paper. Put it in a bottle bound with black thread. Fill with salt and protective herbs. Seal the bottle and bury the spell.

Binding Spell Three

Make a poppet of black cloth, fill it with earth and piece of paper with the person’s name ( I would add salt) intone with wand:

Creature of earth thou art
Now creature of flesh and blood you be.
I name you __________
No more shall you do me harm or say evil against me
Nor will you interfere in my life or the lives of my loved ones.
By the power of God it must be (make the sign of the cross over the poppet)
(With black thread)
I bind your feet from bringing you to do me harm.
I bind your hands from doing me harm.
I bind your mouth from speaking to do me harm
I have bound this person from doing harm and by the powers of God I fix this spell and set it free.
T’will give no harm to return to me.

Bury the poppet or some other appropriate conclusion.

Close the ritual.

There are ways to simplify these rituals. If you cannot bury the object in dirt, you can crush or drown the object in water. If you are unable or uncomfortable with poppets, you can write the name on a piece of paper and destroy it that way. Some witches even prefer to eat their spells. Use what you are comfortable with.

Here is a word spell which requires no materials:

With the fingers of your wand hand, circle the first two fingers of your opposite hand. Intone:

I bind you________ from harming others and from harming yourself. Repeat the spell 3 times. End with :

As I will it so mote it be.

An Unbinding Ritual

A binding is when a witch feels harassed or in danger of harm and the witch performs a binding spell to keep the harasser from harming the witch, himself or others. If a witch feels they may be bound in a binding and cannot work the Craft successfully, the witch may be under a binding. Before performing an unbinding ceremony, the witch must examine her conscience.

1. Have I broken any of God’s commands?
2. Have I intentionally worked the Craft for evil or greed?
3. Have I been uncharitable?
4. Have I worked a spell against someone who is innocent?
5. Have I carelessly worked a spell or ritual?

If your answers are yes, go to confession, and do an act of penance. If you have gained from an evil worked through the Craft, donate a cash gift equal to the gain to charity. If possible, ask for forgiveness of the person harmed by your spell. If you are unable to that, do some act of good in their name. If you carelessly worked a ritual, refrain from the Craft for a moon cycle. During this moon, study your rituals and meditate on your calling to the Craft.

If you answered no truthfully to the questions, then do this unbinding ritual:

Begin with cleansing and calling the corners.

Wand, athame, bottled water, salt, rose oil, lilac, dragon’s blood, gardenia, vanilla, and a broom

Begin with the Lord’s Prayer and the Shepard’s Prayer. If you are a Pagan or Wiccan, you may address the deities of your choice. With the salt, draw a protective circle around your altar stone. Place a few drops of the oils in the cauldron and begin cooking it together.

With your wand intone:

Beleaguered am I and I call upon my personal angel, __________and ask him to cast his protection around me. Wave your wand around your head in a halo motion.

Strengthen me to wield the Craft in the name of social concern. Unbind me and remove all hindrances to my service to God from whom comes all my strengths and knowledge. By the power of three let this evil flee from me!

With your athame, make the sign of the cross to the four corners. (or the sign of the pentangle)

I cut the bindings surrounding me and ask God and all of the angels to protect the one who has done me disservice. Protect him and guide him that he may turn his Craft to the service of God.

Say Prayer to St. Michael, submitting the name of your personal angel guarding you. Bless yourself and your sacred space with the potion. Spend some time in your sacred space and meditate.

Close ritual

Banishment Spell


Oils: Rose and Patchouli
Herbs: Cloves and Salt
Candle: Silver
Sacred Fire
Pen and Paper
Wand and Anthame
Bottled Water

Cleanse sacred space and call the corners.

Write down your concerns or the object of your banishment.

With your wand raised, intone

I am on my path but there is an obstacle in my way called _______Remove it!

Place three drops of rose in cauldron with water

I have envisioned my goal but this obstacle_______is in my way. Remove it!

Place three drops of patchouli in cauldron.
I see myself climbing over this obstacle __________and overpowering it. It is removed.

Place cloves in cauldron

I light this candle to guide me over the obstacle _______ so I do not stumble over it. It is removed.

Jesus said if I had faith I would move mountains. I trust in you Lord Jesus. It is removed!

Closing ritual and destruction of the obstacle. Use the potion for seven days as an aromatic or as an ointment for the pressure points.

There are three spells in this next grouping which can be worked together. Witches are often asked for spells for love. Witches know that love spells and potions are dangerous. In place of love spells and potions, the witch can prescribe spells for confidence, for beauty and courage. These qualities in and of themselves are conduits to attraction and love.

Spell for Courage


Oils: Rose and Dragon’s Blood
Candles: Blue and silver
Paper and Pen
Caldron and Wand

Cleanse sacred space and call the corners, draw your salt ring. Write the name of the person for whom you are working and place it in the center of your salt circle. With wand in hand intone:

Courage of soldiers, Priests and Believers, Courage of Lovers, Witches and Seers embolden _________ strength of heart to do what is right and give no harm. Make them eloquent of speech, compassionate and true to attract the one they wish to woo. Help them to plant the seed of heart’s love to grow. This is what I ask and by the power of three make it so

Light the candles

May this flame burn like the love in __________’s heart.

Mix oils

May this potion remind ___________of their courage

Close the spell or continue with the next.

Spell for Confidence

Oil: Lemon Verbena, Orange
Candle: Yellow
Pen and Paper

Light the candle. With wand in hand intone:

I must speak before crowds, give me eloquence. I must present my best inspiration, give me vision. I must speak to one I care for; untie my tongue with the feelings of my heart. Give ____________ the power of confidence. Give _____________faith in himself as a creature of God. Give__________understanding of all circumstances helping and hindering his intended goal.

By the power of three, let it be, let it be!

Close Spell or continue with the next.

Beauty Spell

Oil: Rose and Cloves (if you are performing this spell with courage and confidence, you need only cloves) Catnip, Orange and Green Candles Pen and Paper Sacred Fire and Wand.

With wand raised, intone:

All people have the spark of beauty. With this candle let it strike the flame of recognition of beauty within myself and others. (light the candles) ______seeks beauty within themselves, make them see their own personal beauty without and within and may those they love see their beauty and appreciate and love it. Write their name on a piece of paper if it hasn’t already been done and place it in salt circle)

With wand raised intone:

Help this person recognize their own self worth for all things of value has its own intrinsic beauty. So it must be.

Combine your herbs and oils to the cauldron and with wand intone:

Rose of beauty, Cloves of purity, catnip of playful charm and grace combine your essences and make beautiful _______’s face.

Blessed Be!

Close spell.

Banish Lonliness Spell

1 Yellow Candle
High Meadows Oil
Picture of Wolf
Bottled Water

Cleanse sacred space and call the corners. Light sacred fire and draw sacred circle. Annoint candle with High Meadows oil. Light Candle
With wand intone:

See my candle dispelling shadows. I am free from being lonely. Comfort me with golden glow as through this world I go.

Light Incense. With Athame

The lonely witch draws moonlight
Calling the children of the night
Lovely music of the wind
And of the lonely wolf within
A magical tune will sing with delight
And reflect a dancing light
Each time a wolf makes a friend
And put loneliness to an end.
So it mote be.

Close ritual.

Use these workings in good health and to positive purpose.

Blessings Be

Aslinn Dhan Dragonhawk