Friday, January 20, 2006

The Magikal Life and Health

Merry Meet!

The magikal life is directly effected by your physical , emotional and spiritual health. If you are healthy in all aspects of your life, then your magik will be strong and positive and will work to heal yourself and others. Because our rede says that we must harm none, we must consider the spirit in which we cast, our emotional mind set and our physical well being.

Physical well being means that we are healthy, that we try to eat balanced meals which includes plenty of fruit and vegetables and water, that we avoid harmful substances like cigarettes and excessive alcohol and illegal drugs and take medications correctly. We should be fairly fit. If you are chubby, that doesn't mean that doesn't mean you have to diet and become reed thin, but you should try to eat sensibly and fast occasionally to purify your system. Fasting may mean only taking small meals of fruits and vegetables, avoiding heavy foods and foods full of fat. It is not required to be a vegetarian, but cut back on heavier or fattier meats. Some of our Wiccan Brothers and Sisters are vegetarians, and some feel that consumption of some meats are a part of the world life cycle. If you smoke, like I do, you may want taper off your smoking and try to quit, like I am. The Craft is full of spells and talismans to help you stop bad habits. Illegal drugs or drugs we are prescribed and abuse are dangerous because they alter our perceptions and hinder our judgments. The same for the excessive use of alcohol. If you are under age, do not use alcohol in rituals. Use instead natural or organic juices and ciders. Make your own juices to ensure their organic composition. Keep spiritually fit by going to church, temple or the religious services of your choice. If you do not belong to a religious group, meditate in your own spiritual way and speak to the creator in your own way and your own voice.

Should you be depressed, do not hesitate to consult a counselor or mentor or religious leader or the leader of your coven or study group. Depression is dangerous among practitioners of the Craft because we are often so open to the spirits and elements and supernatural movements that our emotional states can open us up to extremes in positive or negative energies. And don't wait...Confide in someone now....Your problems are never so small that they cannot be aided in some way by positive guidance. Remember, the rede doesn't just mean the castings we do out to the world, it means we must not harm ourselves as well.

Next time I write, I will discuss magical clothes and vestments.

Blessed Be
Aslinn Dhan