Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well, the first season of True Blood is over and I already miss it and wonder what I will do now Sundays at 9:00.

If you missed it, I can tell you that whatever doubts Sookie had about Bill's feelings for her should now be vanquished. He has proved his love for her. But let me back up. I think I left off my commentary with Bill, being a dollar short and day late with Sookie.

Poor Bill is called in by Eric, the Sheriff of Area Five, to bring Sookie to help him find a thief at Fangtasia. Turns out Longshadow was the thief and he tried to kill Sookie but Bill stopped him (it was so cool too, he broke off a beer pull on a tap and staked him with it). Longshadow virtually melted. But for whatever the reason, Bill is now in trouble because he murdered another Vampire and worse, he murdered a Vampire to save a human. Eric offers to ignore the whole thing in exchange for Sookie, but Bill refused, and it appears that Eric is not above tormenting Bill for his peculiar attachments to humans, attachments that Eric doesn't have at all.

A few nights later, Eric, Pam and Chow (Longshadow's replacement) comes to call on Bill, interrupting a rousing game of wii golf. Bill has been summoned to face a Vampire Tribunal. Bill reminds Eric that Sookie was there to help him and this was how all this started. He also tells Eric that he has to see Sookie at Merlotte's so he can tell her that he will be away. He also wants to see Sam and ask him to watch over Sookie while he is gone.

They come to Merlotte's and Bill first goes to Sam's office (Chow in tow) and tells Sam that he must be away and that he wants Sam to watch over Sookie. Bill also tells him that he knows how Sam feels about Sookie and he doesn't like it but he also knows that Sam is the only one who can protect Sookie while he is gone. Sam agrees.

Bill then takes Sookie outside, Eric, Pam and Chow some distance away and tells her that he has been charged and that he has to go and stand trial in Vampire court. She offers to go and testify on his behalf but he tells her that she would not be welcome there. She tells him that he lied to her, making light of what his punishment would be and she begins to cry. Bill kisses her goodbye, with Eric ordering him to get a move on.

At the trial, the Magister, a very old Vampire, hears Bill's defense, that Longshadow was choking the girl, and she was his (Bill's) and that he would have killed her and fed from her. The magister is not impressed, in fact he says that Bill basically killed another Vampire for the sake of his pet. The usual punishment for such a crime is five years in a coffin chained with silver, where he would starve to skin and bones and go insane. But then he hears that Sookie was called by Eric and she helped Eric protect the Vampire's wealth by uncovering the thief. His punishment therefore is reduced. As Bill is a civilized Vampire, a more human Vampire, who does not live in a nest and longs to mainstream, the magister decides that Bill's punishment should be turning a human girl named Jessica into a Vampire. Of course this a repellent idea to Bill, who has never been a maker in the whole of his 170+ years of being Vampire. Bill does it reluctantly. When Jessica wakes as a new born Vampire, all I want Bill to do is stake her and get it over with.

Meanwhile, Sookie is about to find out who the Bon Temps Killer is. She and Sam investigate the murder of a waitress in a nearby town. She was involved with Vampires and was strangled like Maudette and Dawn were. On the way back, Sookie confesses that she does love Bill but she thinks he's too involved with Vampire politics (stoopid) to care what happens to her.

Back at Fangtasia, Bill brought Jessica to Eric because he is at a loss at what to do with her and Eric agrees to take her after extracting a deal with Bill. (Paybacks are a bitch Bill)

Sookie and Sam are back at her house and he leans in for a kiss with Sookie and Bill, just returned, comes in. They have a fight and Sookie recinds her invitation to Bill.

The next day, she finds out that her brother has been arrested for the murders because he woke up and found Amy dead in his bed. He thinks he did it but the Bon Temps killer actually came into his house while they were blissed out on V and killed her.

The day is terrible for Sookie because everyone thinks that Jason did it and of course Sookie can hear everything people think. She goes out to her car and finds it won't start and is offered a ride home by Rene, who is the Bon Temps killer. She hears his memories of his murdering Sookie's grandmother and she runs out of this house. This is where it gets hard for me, though I admired Bill's love for Sookie. He senses her fear and though it is in the middle of the day, he leaves his resting place under the floorboards of his house and faces the sun to try to help her.

Luckily, Sam, in the shape of the Merlotte mutt saves Sookie's life and they see Bill smoldering away and Sam even saves Bill's life by burying him in a fresh grave. Sookie holds out no hope for his survival as Sam covers him with dirt.

Later that evening, Lafayette is behind the bar, cleaning up some garbage and something fast attacks him. He had been involved with a V doing senator and he threatened him because in addition to being a Vampire hater, he is also a closet homosexual who touts anti-gay rhetoric. So I believe that the senator had Lafayette murdered, but by who or what is unknown.

Sookie is alone in her house when the doorbell rings. She opens the door and it is Bill, healed. She says: "You're alive!" and he says "Well, technically no, but I am healed....I fed," Now there is a lot of speculation about what this means. Did he kill Lafayette? No, I don't think so because when he is found, he is naked, Bill wouldn't undress Lafayette to feed from him, and I don't think Bill would feed from Lafayette anyway because he is Sookie's friend. And even if he did, no one would have ever found him. They never found Sookie's uncle after Bill killed him.

I think Bill's admission "I fed" is something confessional. He's trying to mainstream and aside from love bites from Sookie when they make love, Bill is subsisting on Tru:Blood (O negative please and microwave it to 98.6 degrees) But these were extraordinary circumstances and though the Vampire was not pleased to have to feed on a human, he did it to heal so he could be with her.

So grow up Sookie, Bill has proved his love to you.

And by the way, Bill's a daddy. Apparently, Eric couldn't stomach Jessica either.

Stake her Bill, stake her.