Saturday, March 01, 2008

Additional Links

There seems to be some brand of trouble with the links element so I will do links here:

This is an interesting page, very straightforward, seems exclusive to Christian centered Witchcraft rather than Goddess Christian tradition.

This interesting Saint magik....a bit on the gypsy/voudou side but good directions for the first time Christian Crafter.

Not all the links work but most of them do. An excellent directory to the Christian witch movement

Pretty good website, deals with Christian Gnosticism primarily but full of interesting stuff

Many of you have probably seen this essay, but like they used to say in old Universal movies "A good cast is worth repeating"

Excellent article acknowledging Christian Witchcrafts existance and explanation of the movement.
Good discussion group for Christo-Pagan women. My Gaelyn hipped me to this one. Thanks my old goat:P

This a website very inspired by Charmed, but that is okay and my appeal to young women who are new to the Craft. Christian Craft oriented.

If anyone come across any other Christian Centered Witchcraft sites, let me know and I will check them out and paste them up...

Thanks bunches to the little witches (Pansy Faerieflower and Jacob Dragonheart and Little Rabbit) who found these on the web and emailed them to me.

Blessed Be