Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mabon

I hope everyone is preparing for the fall seasons and the Sabbats we will be celebrating soon. One fo the things I love the most about the Sabbots for fall are the colors. The yellows and golds and muted greens and purples and black. I remember a particularly important gift I received at Mabon: My pentacle star.

When I decided to become a witch I seemed to see the five pointed star everywhere, and not just the star but the ring around it, the true witch's star. It has such rich meaning to us who follow the craft. Despite years of abuse by Hollywood, the pentacle and the pentagram, the transversed star, is full of symbolic meaning and all of it good.

The Pentacle symbolizes the spirit and the four elements. The Pentagram symbolizes elements of faith: Wisdom, Fortitude, Intention, Intuition and Empowerment. It enables us to seek and know one another. I love to see other witches wearing their pentacles and I can smile and say a quiet Blessed Be or Merry Meet and see that surprised but pleased look on their face. It is the feeling of not being alone in a society that often times lets you know they could do without you. You walk a little steadier, your shoulders are a little straighter and you feel recognized and treasured.

To all of those who wear the Star: Happy Mabon and a very blessed be.....