Saturday, November 29, 2008


So everyone wants to talk about Eric the Vampire Sheriff.

Eric is a Viking, about a thousand years old and he is a real Vampire with a capital Vamp. He has no human emotions and is really more than a little disgusted with Bill, who wants to recapture his humanity in the form of a love relationship with Sookie.

Eric mainstreams only because it is lucrative. He can have sex and blood from willing Fangbangers (indiscriminate sex groupies) and charge them at the bar for their drinks. He sees humans as a source of wealth and Vampiric pleasure. This Southern Vampire is no gentleman.

But why are there some women who are interested in Eric? It is because some human women are little less than Vampires themselves, they have no human feelings and sex is extremely casual. While I have no illusions about Bill, I think he puts women in two categories as all men do: bad girls that you screw, and good girls that you date and fall in love with. The difference between him and Eric is that he would be a gentleman with either.

Though, allow me to say this: In the book Dead Until Dark, Sookie tells Bill that her co-worker, Dawn, has been murdered and he tries to place her "The red-head that has been married so many times?" and Sookie says "The brunette who kept bumping your chair with her hip." He says "Yes, she came to the house after you left the night Liam, Diane and Malcom were there and she seemed very confident. It was a good thing the others were gone," Sookie then says "Wouldn't you have protected her?" and he says "No, I don't think so," Sookie asks why. Bill says "Vampires don't automatically care about humans," So Bill is still Vampire, but, he isn't so Vampire that he can't invest himself in someone he likes or cares for.

Eric, would have done nothing to protect any human unless he was forced to, either by a higher up or to serve his own purposes.

So, all you ladies swooning over Eric, remember this, he is one Vampire who would not face the sun for you.......