Saturday, March 22, 2008

How does a Christian Witch participate in a Wiccan/Pagan ritual?

Merry Meet!

As the Craft community grows in number and variety there will be time when you may be celebrating Sabat or Esbat with Pagan/Wiccan circles. How do you participate when you may be the only one of the participants in a non-Christian circle?

Approaches differ. It depends on whether or not the circle will permit you to participate. If they do, this is how you might you might go about being respectful the circle while raising energy in the name of the Christian God.

Many covens or circles begin with a calling of the corners. Sometimes this is about calling the elements, sometimes it is about calling the watchtowers. This can be in the form of devas or faery folk. If this is the case you can call upon the archangels. The archangels tend to also be a part of Wiccan/Pagan practices as they are increasingly incorporating elements of the holy kabbalah. If they call upon their gods and goddesses, you may call upon the Trinity, the Blessed Virgin and or any of the Saints you are attracted to. Above all, be respectful. When other pantheons are being called, stand still, do not speak,and when your turn comes to raise energy call out clearly. Raise your arms or uplift your hands, palm up. Cross your arms at the breast when other gods and goddesses are invoked. It declares to the circle that you are being respectful to their tradition even if you do not call on upon their sacred spirits.

On the disposition of cakes and ale in formal circle cerimonies, you may wish to abstain. When the cakes and ale come your way pass it on to the next celebrant with a smile and a blessed be. After the cerimony there will be other refreshments, cakes and ale is not simple refreshment, it is sacramental and you may be uncomfortable eating food offered to the honor of other pantheons.

If the circle is celebrating in a way that is uncomfortable to you, you may absent yourself from the circle by quietly stepping out of the circle, opening and closing the circle with your wand or wand hand. Intone: I open this circle but the space remains sealed. or some other formula. If you leave the circle, do not re-enter it. You may disrupt the cerimony.

But do not simply join a circle and participate without discussing things with the high priest or priestess. This shows respect. We, after all, do not wish to be inconsiderate or intrusive. This is not the way to create a bridge between the Christian Witch and the Pagan/Wiccan community.

Brightest Blessings Be