Thursday, June 28, 2007

Celebrating the Summer Solstice and Celebrating our Fathers

June the 21st was the summer solstice, but June is also the month that we celebrate Father's Day. There are many ways to celebrate our Fathers and there are many men we may wish to celebrate beyond our biological fathers. We should, of course, celebrate our relationship with our God above all others. But, Father's Day is a wonderful day to celebrate not only the our birth fathers or the men who raised us, but also a chance to acknowledge our spiritual fathers and that can include our teachers, like Scott Cunningham and Raven Grimassi and Gerald Gardner Raymond Buckland.

I don't know what I would have done without Scott Cunningham. As a Christian Witch out there trying to find my way through the Craft often through a forest of Christian unfriendly books and writings, Scott taught that the Craft can be more than the art of pagans and Wiccans but can be accessible to any person of spirit who wishes to work the Craft and embrace the natural world around them. He wrote primarily for his own pagan faith, but he made his Craft open to anyone who wanted to learn.

Father Gardner was also a Craft teacher for me though he was less concerned with the possibility of a Christian Witch than some writers. If he had not written down his knowledge and his scholarship in his Book of Shadows and his other books, there would be little in the way of Craft as religion today.

Then there is Raymond Buckland who gave us so much more than the Big Blue Book, but acknowledged the need of people to study and initiate on their own because of the lack of a local Craft Community and the differing disciplines that were arising out of the world wide Craft community.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Celebrating the Witch in Me

I am
Fortune Teller
Spell Caster
Petitioner to God
Faerie Seer
Talisman Maker
Moon Phaser
Crystal Gazer

Why would people fear?
They fear the words they hear.
Witch, Crone, Hag
Warlock, Sorcerer
Whore of the devil
Evil Necromancer
Notice, these words are not on my list
Only theirs
I am

Witch in the Workplace

OK, you are at work in one of this little cubicles or you are a teacher in the classroom, or some other profession is it okay to display a small altar (a framed picture of the elements or a pentacle or just a candle with a symbol on it)?

Some people would say that it is inappropriate to display anything of a religious or spiritual matter in the workplace. This may be to protect people's rights to practice the religion of their choice or it may be a way to keep down "witnessing" or proselytizing. Others do it for professional reasons. At the same times, these businesses may not even permit family photos or other objects that present a cluttered workspace.

Generally, however, I recommend that witches play it low key. If you are allowed some personal objects in the work space, you may want to just have a small picture or a small potted plant or simply wear something that represents the sacred for you and would have no meaning to the casual observer.

The truth of the matter is that while the mundane world may not be actively burning us at the stake right now, there are other ways we can be persecuted. And remember, one of the ways of the witch is know, to do and to keep silent.