Saturday, November 03, 2007

Another year, Another Samhain passed

After the trick or treaters had gone in for the evening and as The Old Goat, which I lovingly call my boyfriend, and I prepared for Samhain Sabat in his small back garden around his large fire cauldron, I let so many sad things go and said good bye at last to old friends who had gone over. For the first Samhain in a long time I felt as though I had actually reached the goals and purposes of Samhain.

And then our friends, some of them Crafty like ourselves and some just spiritually open minded came together and we ate and drank to the season and to each other. We stayed up late into the night watching horror movies (the old kind, in black and white, made by Universal) and after, my lover and I made love and celebrated life and love in a time of death and remembrance. Being that he is a Christo-Pagan and of a celtic/norse turn, he thinks that this is what part of the orginal Samhain celebration was about. Life in the midst of death.

So as we get ready to move toward Yule and we remember the three Magi who came to see Christ the Lord, don't forget along the way to be thankful for the life, regardless how humble, you have now.