Saturday, November 19, 2005

Angels, Spirits, and Magikal Names

Merry Meet!

For anyone who works the Craft, the help of Angels and Spirits are a must. Angels are the messenger of God and are often sent to earth to send messages to human beings and vice versa. They are our guardian angels and they protect us and strengthen us. In the King James edition of the Bible, there are two archangels who are mentioned: Gabriel, the messenger and Michael, the leader of the Heavenly Host, the Armies of God. In the Catholic editions, because Catholics use books that are thought of as apocryphal to the Protestant Christian and Deuterocanonical to the Catholic Christian, there is mention of Raphael and Uriel. These are the four archangels that I invoke when I work the Craft. Gabriel is the messenger and guards the western direction of the compass. Uriel is the healer and guards the northern direction. Michael is the defender and guards the south and Raphael is the bearer of wisdom and guards the eastern direction. When I call the corners and create the sacred circle that protects me and borders my sacred space, I ask these angels to guide and protect me and those for whom my work is intended.

But what of Spirits and Ghosts? While I do believe in the existence of good and evil spirits and the existence of ghosts, I do not call out blindly. God and his angels have inclined to me and there is no warrant to call on spirits that I am stranger to and risk harm to myself and others. Necromancy, the art of calling up the dead is not used by witches regularly and leave seances and ouija to the spiritualists who are different from witches. Witches feel that their divinities, whoever they call upon and the helpers these divinities have are more than enough to do their work.

Ghosts are strange things to have in your house and or your life. If you are undisturbed by them, leave them be and live in harmony with them. If they disturb you, ask them to go and perform a cleansing ritual to keep them from your house. If you have done this and are still being made uncomfortable by the ghost in your house, call in a priest or pastor or a senior witch of your discipline to perform a ritual cleansing of your home. Exorcisms may be done as well on your home that seem to be quite effective. But I quite like the ghost that visits me as he is my late husband and he only appears when I am upset and confused and often gives me warm guidance though I do tend to remind him that he has passed away and he laughs and says that he knows it.

A magikal name is a great source of protection. The name Aslinn Dhan is my magikal name and I quite appreciate it. It expresses my magikal self and it gives me a certain amount of anonymity. After all, we all take on new identities when we log on the internet and we all create our own personas when we grow older that define the way we feel about ourselves. Aslinn is an Irish name and it is the name of a faery who trapped lovers with her song, a sort of siren and Dhan is just an interesting variation of spelling of one of my real names. Witches should adopt a magikal name and you should really spend some time thinking about who you are and what you believe and find a name that suits you. Perhaps something from your cultural ancestry can help you find your magikal name. And while it is fine to have an elaborate name find a name that is not just cool, find a name that can be yours because everything you do in the Craft will be done in your magikal name and you want it to have the most power for you. You should keep this name for only your magikal gatherings or when you are doing something like this that expresses your belief system about the Craft. It should not become your nickname and teens working the craft should not use it to sign their school work or as the name under their yearbook photo. And be careful of names like Damien and Pendragon or Merlin. Unless you plan to be stage magicians and need flashy names like that, you should remember that what you are doing is real and is secret, regardless of your discipline.

Next time I will write about magik in Hollywood and how it differs from the real world of magik and how teens should handle their study of the Craft.

Blessed Be!
Aslinn Dhan