Friday, October 28, 2005

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Happy Samhain

Merry Meet and Happy Samhain! For those who do not know about the Halloween Season, here is a witches' primer on the holiday!

Samhain is the season of the new year for witches. This is the time that we renew ourselves and celebrate the end of the harvest period and rejoice at the beginning of the New Year. Think about it! Halloween marks the beginning of the decorating season that lasts through Easter. It is a time when old hurts are forgiven and forgotten and new goals are planned. It is also a time that we remember those who have gone before. Early Celts had elaborate feasts and invited the living and the souls of the ones who have gone on to make merry and commune with one another. Many cultures have celebrations like this. Even trick or treating is a part of the celebrations from ancient times.

Many Christians do not celebrate Samhain or Halloween because they fear the ancient influences of the past. They fear that the devil is in the details. Perhaps it is because they fear their own mortality, but I rather like to think that the generations who have gone on before us may come back to celebrate the season of mystery and celebrations.

If you are a seasoned witch or a cheerful seeker, this is a fun activity for Samhain. Buy some plain plastic masks, or better yet use paper plates or any sort of paper and create your own masks that celebrate the outer you and the inner you. Decorate your masks with found objects or just draw and color them. Be thoughtful and colorful. The more creative you are the more you may learn about yourself and who you are.

Blessed Be