Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Love Spells: I Called the Witch Doctor

Merry Meet!

They call you late at night, breathless and a little apprehensive. They confess to you that they have met someone they could fall in love with but they don't know their secret love is crazy about them. Then with baited breath they say: "Couldn't you mix up a little love potion #9" They have their hopes and dreams wrapped up in a magikal solution.

What do you say to that person? How do you explain that it is against your ethics to try and control someone with a spell or potion? Is there a way to help this person?

There is a way and it is not to try to magikally control the person, but to enhance the person who is infatuated with the object of their desire. Most of the time the person who is the admiree is afraid of rejection from the admired. A short charm for them recite to give them courage may be all they need. A small talisman to make them feel desireable may do the trick. To enhance the one who is love stricken and make them more friendly and have more confidence is what that person needs. They would not really want that person to be fascinated with them just because of a spell, they would hopefully want the person to admire them for who they are.

You might also do divinatory work for them. You might want to see if they are a good match. If you practice astrology, you might want to see if their signs match up. You might want to do some tarot readings for them. There are other things you can suggest.

Remind them that not all desires are fulfillable and even if you do these for them, they may not get the person who is their focus. Tell them to keep in mind that fate may have a different partner in mind for them.

Blessed Be