Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The White Chalice Dress

All the folks at were snarking on Sookie's beautiful white chalice dress. Well, here is my observation.

See I read the book, and the love scene and what she wore to bed briefly that night are completely different from the show, and to be honest, the book version of the love scene is far more complete. In the book, Bill doesn't really understand the extent of Sookie's experience or lack there of with men. When he begins to make love to her, in her grandmother's bedroom, he discovers her virginity and he is very considerate (compaired to the raw, rough sex of Liam, on of the evil Vampires) of the fact that she will feel discomfort when he finally has her. He listens to her and gages his own reactions based on her pleasure or pain. I wished there had been more to it on the show, not neccessarily more explicit, just more interaction.

Now, the show was very good. It begins with the white chalice dress, and there is a reason that she wears this dress. In the book, during the moonlight walk, he comments on her dress, that it matches the color of her eyes (in the book, Sookie's eyes are blue, Bill's are black) and that there isn't a lot of it. He continues to tell her that he finds her pretty but he still liked the long skirts that women wore in his early life, especially, the petticoats and lacy underthings. I think the show was trying to pay tribute to Bill's old fashioned taste for long dresses and skirts and what may be under them. So take that all you snarkers.

Suicide Solution

Don't get excited constant reader, I am not contemplating a final solution for my situation. I feel terrible, my throat hurts and I have blisters on the inside of my mouth. Yeah, I feel real attractive.....

No, I wanted to write something about someone I met a long time ago. This was before the time of my using a computer, and I met this person through U2's Propaganda magazine. I was just wanting to meet someone else out there wh liked the band as much as I did and it turned into a fairly intense letter writing compaign between us. His name I will not disclose for obvious reasons. It was short lived. A few months, but suddenly he stopped writing. I never really knew why. He was a writer and he'd self published, but what I didn't have an inkling of until the very end was that he was a troubled soul.

Years later, I googled him and discovered he'd committed suicide. He jumped out of a window in front of his friends. And I still don't know how to feel about that, you know? He did it a couple of years after we stopped writing, so I don't really feel like it was anything I was responsible for. It just gives me an oogie sort of feeling, you know?