Saturday, March 29, 2008

What to say to trad Christians who condemn you

Merry Meet!

You may have to accept that your Christian friend will never fully accept the fact that you are a witch. There is just no convincing them of it. They have read those verses in the Bible about not allowing a witch to live and they equate what we do with the descriptions laid out in the Bible of sacrificing children to idols and mixing poisons and superstition.

To understand the difference between what you do and what the Bible prohibits, you have to understand what witches do and why. We can say with absolute authority that we do not sacrifice babies to idols, we sacrifice nothing at all, which, I would remind any one who questions what I do, that early Jews and Muslims did and in some very orthodox communities still do. We follow the rede which commands us to harm none and the teaching of Jesus which says that God does not delight in the blood of doves and lambs for the washing away of sins.

We do not practice necromancy. That is the conjuring of the dead. This a practice done by sorcerers and spiritualists. If we communicate with dead people, like beloved relatives, it is because they communicate with us, we do not use rituals to force the dead to speak to us. Even Jesus, before his Ascension into heaven appeared to the disciples in a glorified, supernatural state.

We do tell fortunes, but we tell them for free and we use them as tools to enrich our lives, not as promotion of superstition. If I throw the cards for you and it forewarns you of say a relationship that is unhealthy, you can take that information and analyze the situation and get out of it. If I tell you the cards indicate that you are in danger of an accident, that does not mean you should cower under your bed, but to be careful, go about your routine and take no unnecessary risks. It is just a little more than telling you to have a good day at school or work and to be careful. It is the same with any form of divinations.

We do mix up potions but science confirms that herbs, spices and scents do affect change in us. Using natural methods to pep us up, calm us down, relieve depression, heal or to transport us into a meditative state is not a sin. If it were, God would have not ordered the burning of incense and sage and other spices and oils in the temple with the ark of the covenant. As witches, we do not poison or cause harm to anyone or anything.

Amulets, talismans and totems are nothing in and of themselves, it is the power and energy we give them. If there were true prohibitions, we would not wear the cross/crucifix, the star of David or saints medallions. These are all talismanic in that we transfer energy to them to protect us and keep us safe as we go through our lives. It also tells people who we are and what we believe in. To make them objects of superstition is the sin implied here.

Objects like wands, staffs, brooms, swords and athames are just that. For example, in the twenty third Psalm it says"Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me" The rod to me is my wand, and my staff is my sage staff. Jesus said that if you did not own a sword, to go and buy on for we are as sheep among the wolves. The athame functions the same way. It begins as the woman's kitchen knife. Your mother, I am sure, has a favorite knife in the kitchen. It feels good in your hand, it is the knife she looks for to chop vegetables or herbs or meat, the athame is just a dressed up ceremonial version of that. My first athame was just a sharp kitchen style knife for years. In the ancient times, when cutlery was difficult to make and find, the woman of the house carried her knife in a scabbard from her belt so no matter where she went she would have that useful tool with her. My cauldron is the place where warmth and comfort and food and drink are found. It is not evil. If I were cooking up toads and cat heads in it, that would be different, but I make potions and burn spells and candles and incense in it. I dry flowers in it. Brooms are just ancient women's weapons or tools that tie us to our Craft past, but I don't always use my broom (the last time was at a handfasting ceremony for two gay guys who wanted to have a commitment ceremony, so I officiated their handfasting, it was my first act as a Priestess, as a matter of fact, and it was a Christian ceremony)

There are mentions of certain woods that are holy to God and specifically ordered them for the temple. There are stones and crystals beloved by God and is a part of the old temple and new temple to come from the sky in the moment of the Second Coming. Numbers and animals have symbolic meanings throughout the Bible. It even says that young men will dream dreams and old men would see visions (or vice versa).

As Jesus said: "devils cannot cast out devils" "evil men cannot heal". We could do none of the things we do without the blessings of God.

There are gads of ways to look at those verses. The thing is, people have no clue how the Bible was written, how words were translated, even political agendas that effected it.

But listen,don't do anything if you think it will not honor God. If you feel that this is not the way to honor God, that is okay. Craft is not for everyone. But if you think you honor God and carry out the mission of Christ, if you think Craft helps you access the powers and energies promised to us to heal, cast out demons, comfort and bless, then do it.

There are tons of prohibitions in the OT. You are not supposed to cut your hair/sideburns, women aren't supposed to wear men's clothing, women are supposed to cover their hair, you can't have tattoos and piercings. We aren't supposed to eat pork, shrimp, lobster, or clams and oysters, women are supposed to be segregated from men during their periods and after childbirth. These are all prohibitions that would make you unclean and unable to sit in the temple, take part in sacraments, keep us separated from God. I'm sure most trad Christians doesn't adhere to all those things either. At any rate, whatever you do, do it because it is right between you and God. Do nothing to please anyone, not me, not your friend, not your pastor or your mother and father. Do it because it pleases God.

Magik is neither black nor white. Magik is natural, it works with the earth, the elements, and with the seasons and tides. The witch is who makes the magik negative or positive. Being a Christian and a witch means that we work under two very distinct sets of ethics, the Bible and rede. Jesus said that we would be able to work all wonders perform all miracles and sacraments so long as we do it in his name. The Craft is our inheritance. Jesus empowers my witchcraft and practice, and Jesus alone. The angels and Saints are simply his agents who work unceasingly for us on our behalf.

Brightest Blessings Be