Friday, July 04, 2008

America the Responsible

Merry Meet!

We are feeling the pinch. There is no doubt about it. Gasoline prices are up and jobs are shrinking. Our resources are limited. But what does a witch do? We are supposed to be concerned with what happens to Mother Earth and I think we try to be. Not always but we try.

But this is not just a problem for witches, it is problem for us all. When gasoline was $1.50 we didn't care, we drove our big SUV's and trucks and gave not a thought in the world to the impact we are having on our world. Now we are in this damnable war and we are under more pressure to find what we can do to have plenty and not waste.

First of all, try to travel less if you have a big SUV or truck. Carpool to work, church or sabat. Shop together at the grocery store. Use fewer petroleum goods. Use and reuse. Donate to and shop at second hand shops, wash clothes in cold water, hang some things to drip dry, put kitchen scraps, excluding meat and bones, into a scrap bucket and compost it, turn up your thermostat and turn down your lights. And vote. You heard me. Vote and get people in office who have a plan to help your local and state and federal government get on the right track.

We can make it through this hard time we are having. We just have to think before we do.

Brightest Blessings Be