Sunday, October 19, 2008

Don't Believe what You See

Oh man, I'm telling you, I am determined to live long enough to see what is next for old Bill and his woman Sookie. I loved the extended love scene, where Bill deflowers her. I remember my first time, and it was no where near as erotic as the scene I just saw. I wished my husband had been as aware and awake to my virginity as Bill was to Sookie.

And I loved the revenge scene with Bill feeding on Uncle Bartlett, at first I thought it was disgusting, but then I remembered what Bill said, that he had been a good man in his human life and he fed primarily on evil people. I would be eternally indebted to a man who revenged me. Especially for a crime against my innocence. Too bad about Malcom and Diane and Liam (not) they got what they deserved. But fear not for our Bill, he is safe and sound.

Chemo session number five tomorrow, at least I have something to think about.