Monday, December 29, 2008

Bill Part Two

I have a fever. Apparently I have an infection somewhere. They think it may be from my catheter in my femoral artery. I am on broad spectrum antibiotics. You know what I wish more than anything?

Charlaine Harris describes Bill's body as cool, in fact Sookie says his body rarely gets above tepid. I would love it if Bill were to appear at my bedside and undress and get in bed with me and hold me against his Vampire cool body. How wonderful it would feel. And he would like my radiant heat. He loves to lie in a warm bath. I would be so warm to him that he would enjoy the fever and he wouldn't have to mess around with getting wet.

I told mom about my stray desire and she said that lying in bed with Bill must be like lying with a big lizard *smirk* beside you. Who cares what she thinks. I know it would be wonderful. Of course he could turn me, but I wouldn't let him drink my blood. Tainted and poisonous as it is, I probably would taste terrible. He might offer to let me drink his blood, but I wouldn't deplete him to be healed. I'm too far gone. Maybe, later.

Ah Bill, come lie down beside me and cool me.