Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Patrick Stewart, American, Patriot, and Wiccan

Merry Meet!

I have been following the news about the VA's position on placing the witches star on Patrick Stewart's grave marker. I believe that the star should be placed on his memorial marker. He was a military man, serving his country in Afganistan and being a warrior in his faith. He practiced his religion and fought for the freedom of others so they could be free of tyranny that told them there was only one way to find God and paradise. The US Military has written instructions in the Chaplain's guide book on how to support and facilitate Wiccans in the armed forces. Patrick won the bronze star and the purple heart for his service. It would cost very little for the American Government to honor Patrick and his faith.

Wiccans, Pagans and Chrstian Wicces and anyone who considers themselves to be among the wise should contact the VA and tell them about it. Go to and tell them about it. It is a little lengthy in process and you need to be patient. A little hint from an old hand at writing the government. Be polite, be succinct and back up everything with knowledge. Make sure you tell the VA that the US armed forces recognizes Wicca as a religion. If they already have a precedent, they can't balk too much. Also, use your magical name when you sign your message and say thank you and identify your particular tradition. Ranting and raving will only get you ignored. You don't have to kiss butt, but you don't have to kick it either and remember the karmic return, harm none.

Blessings be,

Aslinn Dhan