Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Feast Day of St. Lucia

Merry Meet!

December 13 is the feast day of the virgin and martyr St. Lucia. She is the patron saint of those suffering from eye diseases. Her story goes that she became a Christian early in her youth and swore her virginity to God. Her father wanted her to marry man who would bring a great deal of wealth and influence into the family. When she refused, she was imprisoned and was threatened with rape, but the Lord saved her from the vicious rape by making her extremely strong and it was impossible for the men to complete the act of violation. Because she was so extremely beautiful, the man who wanted her as his wife threatened to disfigure her by removing her eyes. Lucia said that her ugliness would be beautiful to the eyes of God. So he had her eyes removed and she died. Before she was placed in her tomb, however, God restored her eyes and thereby restored her beauty.

I go to St. Lucia not just for those who suffer from diseases of the eye but the inability to see the good in all people and all creeds and all practices.

Brightest Blessings Be
Aslinn Dhan Dragonhawk

Even More from Aslinn's Book of Shadows

Merry Meet!

A young friend of mine who was copying my spells mentioned that I don't give amounts for my anointing oils for each spell. The rule of thumb is 3drops of each oil mixed with three drops of sweet oil or other carrier oil. It should be just enough to anoint a candle. If you are decanting a potion, thirteen drops of each scented oil in thirteen drops of sweet oil. I don't decant a lot of potions unless they are potions that I use all of the time, then I might mix a couple of 2 oz bottles. Otherwise, because the essential oils are so expensive, a couple of drops do it.

Accept Me
To inspire the world to accept all people of good will

1 White candle
Lemon Grass
All Spice or Anise
Red Bead and String
Symbols of all religions or simply words
Incense (patchouli or musk or nag champra)

Anoint candle and light with incense. Combine spices in envelope. Add religious symbols (words) and amulet in the envelope. Hold the placket between your palms and intone:

Freedom is what I long to find
From all people with closed minds
My wishes in my hands and heart
My choices protected from all harm
Freedom is what is right for me
Acceptance will now abound
Judgments will not my choices impede
But tolerance for me and thee

As I will it, so mote it be.

You're Fired
To get rid of negativity

Gray Candle
Dragon’s Blood oil
Small Envelope
Piece of paper (Especially pink) with “You’re fired written on it)
Bowl or burning cauldron

Anoint and light candle. Write down negative aspects of your life you want to get rid of. Hold the list between your palms and burn the paper. Take the ashes and throw away.

From the winter’s ice to summer’s fire
I call out for aid in my desire
Bind the negative as in a tomb
To receive the bounty from it’s gloom
Mirror its face so it shall see
The effect it used to have on me
Join in the banishment as negative goes
Ashes to ashes fresh winds away evil blows

As I will it, so mote it goes.

Free at Last
Ending Addiction

1 White and 1 gray candle
Jasmine and gardenia oil mixed
Paper and pen
Burning Cauldron

Anoint candles and light incense. Write the nature of the addiction on a paper. Hold the paper in your anointed hands and intone.

By the powers of three
Take this habit from me
Take from me the power of need
Bad habits no more shall I feed
This is my will, so mote it be

Burn the paper in the cauldron

I am an ex ________
By the power of three
Take these thoughts from me
This is my will. So mote it be.

The Flame Dance
To accept change

Heather, chamomile, and Sandalwood oil
Small bottle and cap or stopper

Mix the oil and anoint yourself. Intone:

Change may be scary and sometimes sad
But we must remember not all change is bad
Change is serious, and not a jest
But change is always for the best
In the days ahead help me find
The strength I feel has been left behind
And give me the courage to enjoy
The new beginning I employ
I must remember not to shy away
At the uncertainty of coming days

So mote it be

Well Being Witch Bottle Spell

Cinnamon incense (or other spicy) and Cinnamon oil
Orange or gold candle
Picture of the sun
Small Marigold flower
Wineglass or chalice
Small jar or bottle
Teaspoon of alcohol

Light the candle and incense. Anoint your hands with cinnamon oil. Intone:

May the sun’s eternal power
Found in this gentle flower
Grant me good health
From this hour.

Place the flower and water and alcohol in the bottle. Intone:

That which I seek
So might it speak
That I would know
I will understand so
That I would receive
So I might achieve
That wisdom comes near
Let it begin here.
As I will it, so mote it be.

Keep your bottle in a safe place where it can be seen and handled for access to the power of the sun.

Dawntide Spell
To achieve beauty

A green candle in a jar
Silk or fresh flowers in a vase on your altar

Light the candle and intone

In the east, I honor the element of air
In the south, I honor the element of fire
In the west, I honor the element of water
In the north, I honor the element of earth

I call upon the Lord God, creator of green fields and creators of sky, water and earth, the essence of nature. To reflect in me the Lord’s glory and natural beauty.

Repeat the spell nine times. Blow out the candle and light it each day and intone spell until it is completely gone.

Healing Cauldron Spell
To heal grief and emotional pain

Black candle
Bottle or small box
Small dark stone
Water and Wine (about a teaspoon each)
Spoon or stir stick

The bowl will act as your cauldron. You can substitute vinegar for wine. As you intone, stir the cup and its contents

Light the candle intoning:
Light upon grief, cast out all pain
Tears to be lost, happiness gained
Place the coin in the bowl, intoning:
Ties are now rent, anger is spent
Place the stone in the bowl, intoning:
Banish the frown weighing me down
Pour a bit of water into the bowl, intoning:
Hence the last teardrop passed
Pour the wine in the bowl, intoning:
Bitterness soothed in the tears of my sorrow
Sprinkle the salt into the bowl, intoning:
The earth soaked up the last of this cup

Place the wet contents in a small bottle or box, acting as a casket for the objects of the bowl. Discard it.

Bale Fire Spell
To destroy worries or concerns

1 tea light candle
Pen with red ink

Light the candle. Write your worries on a piece of paper with the red ink. Burn the paper, intoning:

By this bale I root you out
By this boon I cancel you
Troubles be gone
Sweetness anon

Place the ashes in the envelope and discard. Let the candle burn down.

Sunflower Spell
Happy Disposition

Frankincense (incense or oil)
Orange Candle
Symbol of the sun
Yellow Thread
Sunflower Seeds
Small gold coins or shiny copper pennies
Yellow Mojo bag

Light incense or anoint candle with oil and light. Intone:

Sister Sun, empowered by God
You are honored here
Shine your blessing down
On me, your earthly child.

Hold the Sun symbol in your right hand and intone: Your power to pass to me
Eat some sunflower seeds:
Your strength to abide in me
Place the symbol and the remaining seeds in your mojo and rub it on your body and intone:

Happiness reside within me
Sister Sun blessed be
May I give as I receive

Hang the mojo near your bed.

Lavender Spell
Restful Sleep

Lavender colored candle
Lavender incense or oil
Tea light
Holly twig
Purple string or ribbon

Do not work this spell on a Saturday.

Make a circle of your holly twig or decorate a holly cross with the purple ribbon. Add purple flowers or beads if you chose. Anoint the amulet and the candle and intone:

The purity of light
Guide thy way to perfect sleep
Hence may I be known
For the peace that I keep
This amulet opens the door to dreamland
With this I shall pass
To my sleeping world and find my rest at last
As I will it, so mote it be
This Amulet is good for a year. Hang it near your bed.

Spider Spell
For Happy Dreams

Tea Light
Opium incense or oil
White mojo pouch
Nugget of gold, glitter, or coin or penny
Picture of a spider
Picture or medal of the Blessed Virgin

Light the tea light and intone:

There is a lady with a crown of twelve stars
And the moon under her feet
The spider spins the lady’s veil
A veil of sweetest dreams

Place the gold symbols in the bag with the symbols of the spider and the Blessed Virgin. Anoint your hands with the oil and hold the mojo in your palms or pass it deosil through the incense smoke and intone:
Spider spirit, weave your threads
Wrap all beauty in your web
Happy themes enter my dreams
As I will it, so mote it be.

Hang the mojo by your bed