Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More Books for your Perusal

Merry Meet!

Hello, here are some additions to the book lists I have been posting for you. Of course, these books are just suggested reading but I encourage all of you whether you are just starting your magical education or are an experienced witch, these books can only enhance your knowledge and help you develop a wider range of knowledge. Remember, you can only grow through study and practice. If you are practicing without studying, you can get yourself into real trouble.

The first books I am going to tell you about this evening are a pair in a series. They are written by Ashleen O'Gaea and they are entitled Celebrating the Seasons of life: Samhain to Ostara and Celebrating the Seasons of life: Beltaine to Mabon . Both of these books are designed to help you understand where these holidays come from, the symbols used in the celebrations and even suggestions as to how to celebrate them and how develop your own rituals. They are both published by New Page Books and they were both $14.99.

The next book I want to suggest leans a little on the Christian side, but can still be useful to anyone and it is called The Magic Shield by Francis Melville. It is chock full of interesting anecdotes and it is very well illustrated with lovely old woodcut prints. It is a small book but is a bit pricey at $19.99 and is published by Barron's.

The next couple of books have loads of general info, but is very educational to read. The Giant Book of Magic by Cassandra Eason is an interesting book to read though it is a bit static to read and a little under organized. The section on Gypsy magic and lore was great. Published by Magpie Books in London. It was 4.95 on sale but was probably regularly priced at 12.00. Check your local Borders Books, they may have it discounted as well.

The next book was Witchcraft and Practical Magic by Susan Greenwood and Raje Airey. It is full of the history of magic and has all sorts of chapters on gems. metals, dreams, meditation, tools and the like. Fantastic book, very well illustrated, again, was on sale for 4.55 and published by Hermes House. Regular price 10.39.

A couple of good all purpose spell books is The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Spells and Magic edited by Nancy Bailey, is a small, very fun to read book full of arcana that really encourages the witch to understand old notions about spells and casting and how to write your spells and rituals. It is published by Sterling Publishers and sells for 9.95. The second book is The Spells Bible written by Ann-Marie Gallagher. She breaks down spells by season, by the optimal day and by purpose. Well organized little book, full of great information. Published by Walking Stick Press,
for 19.95

Here are a couple of books all witches should have. It is not because they are great books of magic, but because they are great books chronicling the Burning Times. Just as there are Jewish Scholars who study the Holocaust and have a copy of Mein Kampf on their shelves, so should witches have these books on their shelves. The first is The Malleus Malficarum by Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger at 14.95 and The Compendium Malficarum by Francesco Maria Guazzo at 11.95. Both books are published by Dover Publications. Get them, own them, read them and know them. They may save our Craft community someday.

The next book in my book shelf I recommend for you is Magic in the Middle Ages by Richard Kieckhefer. It is very good history, if a little scholarly, published by Cambridge University Press. I bought it used for 5.00 at a flea market but I think it would sell new for about 15.00. May be out of print so you may want try your local library or if you live near a college campus, browse the bookstore sale bins and library book sales.

I'll quit for now. Keep checking in for new book lists.

Bright Blessings Be

Aslinn Dhan Dragonhawk