Monday, October 13, 2008

Love and Trust

Well, Sookie and Bill made love, I think it was the most anticipated love scene between a mortal and Vampire ever. But let's back up for just a moment.

Sookie's gran was murdered and Bill comes to her like an answer to prayer. He holds her and senses the approach of another human and turns with his fangs out, but it is only Sam, whom Bill grabs by the throat and puts against the wall. But Sookie and Bill's reunion is truncated as dawn is coming and Bill must leave for his resting place. (In the book it is the earth of his own grave, in the show, it is under the floor boards of his house)

Then there is the obligatory wake. Sookie is in deep shock and mourning and cannot shield herself from the uncharitable thoughts of the people moving around in her house, eating the equally obligatory grief buffet. She screams at a woman to leave her gran's peacan pie alone.

After she loses it, Tara and Lafayette takes her upstairs and gives her much needed consolation. When the two girls are alone with Layattes gift of a valium (V to me), Jason comes up and slaps Sookie and blames her for the death of her gran becuase she's screwing Vampires. Of course he is strung out on another V, talk about your pot calling the kettle black. Tara gets between them. And Sookie finally takes Lafayette's valium.

As she rests, someone comes into the room and begins to strangle her. She calls out a choked "Bill!". Of course it is a dream, being had by our resident Vampire, trapped in his resting place until he can leave it when the sun goes down. His fear and anguish and frustration is palitable as he turns on the light he rigged for himself and looks at his watch.

Tara sends everyone out of Sookie's house and they leave. She and Lafayette clean up the house and the left over food from the grief buffet. When darkness falls, they hear the door being slammed open and see a shadow running up the stairs. It's Bill. He runs to Sookie's bedroom and shakes her calling her name over and over again til she rouses herself. She wakes to the anxious face of her Vampire and asks him what is wrong. He tells her he had a bad dream and was worried about her. He tells her to go back to sleep and she does, curling around his arm. Bill kneels at her bedside and looks at her in an attitude of prayer.

Later Tara is looking out at the darkened yard at Bill who stands sentry under Sookie's window, drinking a bottle of TruBlood. The collie dog (Sam)
joins him. Tara asks Lafayette "Do you think they can really love a person?" Lafayette answers "Who knows what they can do,"

The day of funeral is traumatic because of the voices of the townsfolk around her, her brother withdrawing from V beside her and the appearance of her Uncle Bartlett. She tries to give the eulogy but is stopped by the voices in her head. She curses the crowd and runs off to the older part of the cemetery and there finds the memorial grave the family erected for Bill.

She returns to the grave side after everyone is gone and Sam walks her to her door. She sends him on his way and goes in and eats the rest of her grandmother's pecan pie. She then goes up and changes her clothes into a lovely white chalice dress and waits for sundown. As soon as the shadows of night fall bleed away the day, she runs out, across the property between her and Bill's house. Bill comes out, flinging open the double doors, a Vampire with a purpose. Remember, Bill told her that after she drank his blood he'd always be able to feel her. He closes his eyes and senses her and comes off the porch at the first sight of her. They embrace and kiss and he picks her up and carries her in the house, like a bride to the bridal chamber and there they make love in front of the fire in his parlor. As the scene developes, so do Bill's fangs. He fears that this will frighten her but instead she pulls him to her and as they begin to reach fulfillment he looks at her, he's so hungry for her and Sookie says "Do it, I want you to," and he penetrates her in a more Vampiric way.

Well, it gave me something to think about while I had my chemo, anyway.