Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bell, Book and Candle: What to do when your church discovers you are a witch.

Merry Meet!

I received an email from a young witch friend I know through numerous email conversations. The email detailed a situation I had never encountered before. This young 20 something witch had been practicing the Craft for five or six years. Recently, a friend of hers who had been Craft interested joined another church and got saved. She went to her pastor and told him that she was a little confused because she was a Christian but still wanted to practice Craft but felt conflicted. After much intense scrutiny, the person revealed who had been answering questions for her about the Craft. The pastor then took it upon himself to tell the witch's pastor that she was practicing witchcraft. The pastor dismissed her from her Sunday School position and then told her that if she did not "repent" from her "sin" of witchcraft that she would be excommunicated from the congregation, which eventually happened.

Of course this troubled her a great deal. I asked permission to discuss her situation with Gaelyn. This is what we came up with together.

It is difficult to follow the dual paths of Christianity and witchcraft. To do so means that often you must practice one part of your faith in isolation from the other. Of course this can cause conflict and trouble for the Christian Witch practitioner. You must be mature and strong enough to practice both, though one you practice in your heart.

Should circumstances arise that you would be discovered, you may have to make a difficult choice. Do you confess your "sin" and repent? Or do you walk away from the congregation and find another?
Both decisions are difficult and not to be made lightly.

Gaelyn and I recommend that you first search your heart. If you feel guilty for practicing Craft, you shouldn't be practicing Craft at all. If you feel good about your Craft practice, begin a spiritual journey to find a new congregation to be a part of. It may even be a new religion you seek. Take your time, do research, visit many churches and houses of worship. Consider it a form of spiritual quest. Try to see what you are supposed to learn.

Should you disclose your witchcraft? Why should you. If you are practicing it within the constraints of what we Christian witches think of as good work, then no, you need not disclose. There were things that even Jesus said were to be kept secret until his resurrection. (the transfiguration, for example) Witchcraft is not about converting others nor is it about setting limitations. Witchcraft is occult, secret, private practice, and as Jesus said, we should invoke God in private in prayer and confession and repentance.

The sad truth is that we have not yet been able to overcome prejudices people have held against witches for centuries, long before the Bible and not just within Judeo-Christian/Islamic circles but in traditional and tribal religions, witches have a tarnished reputation. It may be many lifetimes before we are accepted by any trad religions.

Do not let the closed mind of others tear yourself away from a relationship with God. If all fails, worship God at home, pray, read the Bible, sing songs of praise and do whatever you wish in the manner of prayer. As I have said many times that though I love my religion, I know that it is a human institution and the Kingdom of God is wherever you stand.

Brightest Blessings Be

Happy Dedication Day Tanith

Merry Meet!

Listen Brothers and Sisters of the Craft. We have a new Sister in the way of the wise. Welcome her to our circle.

A poem for your dedication

Welcome thou Maiden of the Moon

The Night Orb rises high

Casting upon us the light of Magikal Benediction

For on this night, a sister comes

And adds to the tribe of the Children of God

Who raises energies, speaks to the trees,

And knows the wisdom of the ancients.

Born again soul, sister to the Christ

Daughter of the Maiden of the Moon

Witch and Christian, I charge thee:

Serve God, serve Jesus and his mother

In what image you find her

Learn the way of the wise

Know the ways of Mother Earth

Of her seasons, the elements, and all living creatures

You are a priestess, seer, healer and warrioress

It is your heritage and your birthright

Keep the Laws of God and the Witches Rede

And your own will and the goodness of your heart

Welcome Sister into the circle

Merry Meet, Merry Part, Merry Meet Again

And Brightest Blessings Be

Happy dedication day Tanith Luna Crevan

You may now consider yourself a named witch of the first degree

Brightest Blessings Be,
Aslinn and Gaelyn