Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Merry Meet!

My wand is made of cedar, which harkens back to my Cherokee ancestory because the Cherokee considered the cedar sacred. It is said that a great giant was killed and his head hung in a great tree and the blood turned the tree red and stained it with magic and from the tree the wise ones of the tribe learned all of the sacred songs and spells. I treated the wood with tung oil and wound tourquoise and silver beads with copper wire around the ends and in a criss cross pattern up its 15 inch length.

Of course I know that I cannot say "Expelliarmus" and have things fly out of someone's hand but it is magical. It feels like it is an extension of me. But I have to tell you that my very first wand was an eighteen inch piece of dowling. I got it and I lightly sanded it and I painted creeping vines around it and decupaged crosses, pentangles, and a tiny medal of the Blessed Virgin and there were four angels decoupaged all around the bottom of the wand where I held it and large quartz bead from a hobby shop. It took me many days to make it and I even sanded everything off and redid it when I was not satisfied. I used it for years and then a circle sister gave me this cedar wand and I put my old one away. I take it out and think about when I made the wand and what was happening in my life. The little symbol of the Buddha representing my husband. The tiny picture of a rose decoupaged near it for my step daughter, both now dead. A small picture of my college mascot (A buffalo...Go Herd!!!) A picture of my brother-in-law who is no longer a part of our family. The wand tells my story.

So, the thing I am trying to tell you is that whatever you create to do magik with, you should make it personal to yourself and what you do and what you believe in and who you care for. The materials are really unimportant if you take the time to make it a part of you. It is great to have a wand of cedar that looks like it could do "Expelliarmus" but a wonderful wand can be a simple piece of wooden dowling. It is just as magikal.

Brightest Blessings Be