Saturday, September 23, 2006

To the Summerlands

Merry Meet

I wrote about my trip to see my circle sisters and have my third degree initiation. Our leader was a lovely woman I met some years ago after my husband died and she was the one who saw Craft in me when I did not see it in myself. I sent my beloved sister off on her journey to the Summerlands this weekend. She had traveled to NorthCarolina to do her Croning by her beloved mentor and officiate over a Wiccaning and a Handfasting for a couple who had been through real traumas in their life and had now found balance with themselves and each other and the Craft and had planned to raise their daughter in the Pagan way. As she was heading to their lodge in the Great Smoky Mountains, a deer ran out into the road and she swerved to avoid it. Hikers found her down an imbankment. She was paralyzed and put into a Halo and given steriods to keep her going until a couple of us from the group could be with ther and the Priest and Priestess of the coven where she had gotten her Wiccan education. They knew me as a Christian Wicce but opened their circle for me so I could help my sister and teacher go to the heaven she believed in all her adult life. As a final gift she was Croned by her mentor in the hospital room. Nurses looked at us sideways in our cerimonial clothes and our wands and staffs and athames. The clergy, a little Baptist minister asked if she would like to talk to someone about Jesus and one of my Wiccan sisters said, very politely, "No, our sister has a Christian here to tell her about Jesus if she so desires, "and pointed at me in my yellow robes with a black celtic cross on the chest.

At four this morning, she entered the Summerland. I will miss her and I pray she sends all of us Blessings be from the place of rest and plenty.

Blessings Be to all of you,

Aslinn Dhan Dragonhawk