Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The secret of Absinthe

Merry Meet!!

Well, the secret is out and they have the proof. 140 proof, that is. Absinthe is just a high powered alcoholic drink. There is no true narcotic style effect.

This is important to know. Many who follow a Goth life style tout its effects of producing hallucinations and dream and trance states. The truth is, absinthe is just rot gut, plain and simple.

I do of course believe in the powers and energies of wormwood, the primary ingredient. Wormwood is a great magikal herb used in small quantities but it is toxic and must be used carefully.

The reason I find this information so important is that the Goth community has latched on to it of late as a way to open up their minds and senses. All they are really doing is getting drunk. Goths also tend to dabble in magik and drunkeness and magik is dangerous folly. Dabbling is always dangerous but dabbling while intoxicated is doubly so. Remember, the first rule of witchcraft is to harm none,this includes yourself.

Beware and be well.
Brighetst Blessings Be