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More From my Book Of Shadows

Blood on the Moon

To honor the deceased. Excellent for Samhain, Veteran’s Day, and Memorial Day or for any time you experience the passing over of a loved one.

Purple candle, Athame , Frankincense, Myrrh, lavender , Cypress/Cedar or Sandalwood, anise/licorice oil, salt Myrrh Incense or Nag Champra or Patchouli, wand, cauldron, pictures of loved ones or a list of their names

Mix 2 drops@ of Frankincense, Myrrh, lavender, cypress/cedar/sandalwood, anise star/licorice and simmer in cauldron. Create sacred space and anoint the candle with some of the simmering cauldron. Place your photos and list on your altar. Light the incense and candle. Pick up your wand and intone:

The circle around the pearly moon
Pulls the spirits from their tombs
We invite you to our circle of love
From here on earth to heaven above
Place your list of loved ones under the candle if you so have one.

Grands and parents, sisters and brothers
Gone before we invite you to hover
Be our guardians and our guides
As we honor you tonight

With Athame:

Warrior knights, soldiers and braves
For our freedom your lives you gave
We honor you for your sacrifice
And pray you have found your paradise

We honor you and hold you near
Join us now, the veil is sheer
Open your heart and receive us well
Blood on the moon we cast this spell

Welcome loved ones, friends and guests
Touch our hearts as you do best
Blessings and prayers we offer you
And thank you for these moments few

Blessed be and Merry Meet
As I will it, so mote it be

To Protect the Home

2 White candles
1Black Candle
Sandalwood or Frankincense incense

Intone while lighting the white candle:

Here I light this candle
Which symbolizes my need
My home will be a fortress
As I secure its safety

The angel’s influence now takes sway
To bless my home in every way
Protect it through the day’s sunlight
Protect it through the dark of night
(Light black candle)

Energy white, energy bright
Strengthening my charm tonight
Powerful protection, my energy
As my spell is woven lovingly
(Light white candle)

With Wand:
May this spell protect from harm
And keep the house from all alarm
Working through the day or night
Angels guard us, hidden from sight
Safe from harm our powers keep
This no trouble can permeate
The walls angel energies penetrate

The walls make an aura all their own
And my spell sets the tone
A mighty shield shall it be
Keeping my home danger free
Robbers and murderers and harm that be
This charm will keep far from my family and me

Now my charm is done at last
And my spell is now cast
Merry meet and Blessed Be
As I will it so mote it be.

Stop Gossip Spell

If you are doing this charm on the spot all you need is paper and pen. Simply tear up the charm when you are finished. Otherwise:

1 Black candle
Pen and Paper
Bowl or cauldron

Write the Gossip’s name on one side of the paper seven times. On the other draw a smiley face. Light the candle .While intoning the charm make small x’s on his lips

This mouth I bind this very day
Binds fast the evil this mouth will say
Never more causing stress and alarm
Never more to cause harm

Truth and justice enters here
A quality most hold so dear
To counteract the many lies
In the mind where slander resides

Destroy the Gossip Face and throw it away. This can be done by burning or by drowning.

No More Delinquents

Paper Poppet
Incense (your choice)
4 Red Candles dressed in Myrrh

If known, write the name of the delinquent on the poppet. Surround the poppet with the red candles. Light a candle deosil after each verse

These candles I light do symbolize
The troubled soul thus inscribed
God give them strength to change
And become better each day

Here is love to guide their life
And keep the young one from strife
Hoping one day they will lead
A life of serving other’s needs

Understanding comes their way
Beginning now, this very day
For this child cannot manipulate
Nor will they be led astray

Now give me patience with this child
Because I can teach them to be mild
I can in straight paths this child lead
And guide them care for humanity

Child, grace and courage has come to your side to resist negativity in your life. For good you live and strive and a good name you take pride. Only that which is right stays forever in sight. A leader you will be for all humanity. Doing what’s right for the entire world to see.

Blessed Be and Merry Meet
As I will it, so mote it be.

St Francis Spell

1 Blue Candle
Eucalyptus Oil
St. Francis Medal or Holy Card
Paper and Pen

Anoint candle and light along with incense. Hold the medal or holy card in your palms. Write the name of your pet on a piece of paper or on the back of the holy card. Hold card in your hands and intone:

We don’t mean to cause alarm
Just keep our pets safe from harm
This Saint will bless all animals and pets
From every wind and storm be warned
Humble Francis will protect from hate and neglect
This spell shelters from the young and the old
Safe and sound, all pets will be found
This is my will, so mote it be.

Midas Touch

1 Green, gold and orange candle
Midas oil (Jasmine, Patchouli, Mint, Opium, Orange oil)
Opium or Musk incense
Green Bead and cord or ribbon.

Anoint candles with Midas Oil. Do the same with the bead and cord. Light candle and incense and pass bead on cord through incense smoke deosil

For the wealth we have and the wealth to come
To guard it well, grant me this wisdom
Protect us always from those who dare
To take all we have without care
Good Lord above hear and answer my plea
An it harm none, so mote it be.

Wear the talisman when you play the lottery, pay bills, or work.

Wisdom’s Fire

White candle
Honey Suckle oil
Opium Incense
Lavender and Sage herb
Simmer Cauldron
Bottled water

Anoint Candle with oils, rubbing from the wick to the base. Mix the oils and herbs with a couple of teaspoons of water in simmer cauldron and set to heat. Light the candle and incense. With wand intone:

The Golden wisdom of the law of three be with me
Make me as wise as Solomon and Moses
With these herbs in my cauldron
I infuse these waters with wisdom
Give me grace, purity, and knowledge divine
Rise now in heart and mind
So mote it be.
Use the potion to cleanse a work space, or a sacred space.

Gargoyles at the Gate

4 Blue Candles
Witch Hazel
4 Gargoyle images (pictures or statues)

Anoint the candles and light the candles and the incense. Place each gargoyle in a corner of your home. Wave incense into the four corners. With your athame before your altar intone:

Positions at the towers and gates
Gargoyles watch in earnest haste
For Protection of the house and grounds
And all things of sight and sound
Keep us safe from danger and harm
Watch over us in every storm
Jump from the roof tops if in need
To frighten away all evil deeds
So Mote it Be!
Keep the Gargoyles in their places and refresh each year by reciting the charge to the image.

All Patched Up

1 Pink Candle
Friendship Oil (Rose, Cedar, Lavender oil)
Patchouli Incense
Turquoise Bead
White cord thread or ribbon
Paper and Pen

Anoint candle with friendship oil. Light the candle and the incense. Visualize you and your friend reconciling. String the bead and pass it deosil 3x in smoke. Do the same with the piece of paper with the friend’s name on it. Carry both in your pocket until reconciliation.

A turquoise stone to find
Harmony and peace; leave differences behind
Disagreements and hurt taken out of our hearts
Our true friendships shall not part
Let pink burn bright throughout this night
To reconcile this troublesome fight.
So Mote it Be!

For Strength

1 Red Candle
Dragon’s Blood oil
Pinch of salt
Dragon charm or picture or red bead and thread.

Anoint the candle and the charm or bead and intone

With the crimson of this cord
Ancient powers or strength are born
Herbs will stir beneath the form
Creating energies with talismans worn
Boost the body with greatest power
As if Mars is in tune with a full moon hour
Place the strength upon my feet
And all my powers now complete.
So mote it be.


1 Yellow Candle
Patchouli and Dragon’s Blood
Spicy Incense
Paper and Pen
Gold tone Bead
Brown Bead
Red String

Anoint candle. Light Candle and incense. On paper, list 9 characteristics of respect. String beads. Anoint palms in oil and hold the paper in your anointed palms. Burn the paper and take the ashes and rub it in the talisman and pass talisman deosil through the smoke. Carry your talisman in your mojo or tie around ankle or wrist.

To Pay Karmic Debt
After you have been through a rough patch

1 Pink and 1 white candle
Opium oil
Fave Incense
Check (or a piece of paper)
Simmer Cauldron

Anoint and light candle and incense. Put a bit of water and sage and opium oil in the simmer cauldron and heat. Fill out your check:

Date: Date of Ritual
Pay to the Order of: Karmic Debt
Amount: All
Amount: Live, Learn, Love, and Grow
Memo: Truth and Peace

Burn Check and add ashes to cauldron. Stir cauldron while intoning:

Karmic Debt is a wonderful thing
Through this process, my soul takes wings
This check is now due
I can start anew
To live learn love and grow
Till truth and peace is all I know
So mote it be.

Sprinkle potion around the room

Witch Charms

5 white candles (Tea Lights, birthday candles)
Low John Oil (Cinnamon, eucalyptus, and sandalwood oil)
Sandalwood Incense
Amulet ( Star, medal, cross etc.)
Piece of cord
Small cup or bowl

Anoint amulet with oil. With salt draw a pentangle placing a candle at each point. Light incense. Pass amulet deosil through the incense and then lay it in the center of the pentangle. Light each candle, intoning at each candle, moving deosil:

On this day of the year
Witches have no fear
Love, beauty, passion and energy
And our brethren far and near
By blessings of God an amulet is born
That protects from evil each time it is worn
A magical charm that wards off all alarm
So mote it be and none it harm.

World Peace

Oneof the ways that you can bring world peace is to work to have peace in your corner of the world. If you can bring peace to yourself and to the people around you, yu can encourage peace around the world.

1 blue candle
Peace oil (Sandalwood, Musk, Rose, Gardenia)
Sandalwood incense
Lavender leaves
Simmer cauldron
Pounded Lavender leaves

Anoint the candle with the peace oils. Mix left over oils, salt, lavender leaves and pass the cauldron through the incense smoke. Once the incense is burned down and the ashes are cooled, add it to the cauldron. Heat the potion in the simmer bowl for thirty minutes, then cool and decant into bottle. The oil is placed on the altar and lasts for a year. After you fill the bottle, intone over the opening:

Angels all around us, where ever we may be
In our small towns and great countries
Around the world please hear our call
To guide and heal us one and all
Protect us from each other’s harm
Reverse and rid bad energy til it’s all gone
Bring peace and love to every kind
All around our world will be
Happiness, peace and harmony
Heal us from our heart within
So we will judge no other friend
Forgive us our sins and protect our hearts
From fears we have within us all
Religion and politics and whatever we believe
From each hurt protect and heal
May we receive blessings be
Until we again merry meet

So Mote it be

Thanks For Giving

To honor God for the first harvest by making a harvest basket totem. Can be done to celebrate Thanksgiving or the new moon of November.

1 White candle
Musk and Lavender oil
Small basket
Fruit, Cheese, Meat, Bread, Cookies
Plastic fruit and veggies
Silk Flowers
Slips of paper with at least six blessings

Anoint candle and light. Arrange the little basket with the plastic fruit and veggies and flowers. Intone over the basket and your small ritual meal and chalice with wine. Place the blessings with the fruit arrangement.

Little basket full of good
Sent by God, our blessed food
Grown from the ground with care and love
Watched by the spirits from above
Gathered from the bountiful harvest
From the fields and the forest
To Mighty God that be
With thanks we offer this bounty
This is my will, so mote it be.

Libate and drink the wine from the chalice.

Blind Justice

For truthful testimony in court. Don’t use if you intend to lie.

1 Gold Candle
1 Gray Candle
1Purple Candle
Rose, Vanilla, and Musk oil
Myrrh Incense
Purple bead and cord

Anoint the candles and light. Light incense. String the bead and pass deosil intoning:

A winged courier now takes flight
Aid me in my legal plight
Shame the devil, truth be told
Habeas Corpus in this court
Grant me favor of legal support
Release the magik and be just
Hear my plea and statement of trust
As I will it, so it must be

Christian Craft

As of October 2008, I will have been writing this blog for three years. I have received very little in the way of notice but that is okay, a little bit is better than nothing. What I have been doing is searching for ways to define myself as a Christian, a Catholic and a witch and how this comes together for me and why it seems that all those things go together and compliment and enrich me more than any other form of religious and spiritual practice.

I meet people who say they would never be a witch, who declare witchcraft evil but they unknowingly practice Craft every day. I know some witches, or people who say they are witches who never work the Craft, though they say they are witches which seems to defeat the purpose of your occult education.

I pray every day and I work Craft every day. I do spells and mix potions and perform bindings and protections. I work blessings and cleansings and do divinations and work on my BOS every single day. I read something pertaining to my practice every day. I read the Bible or some other devotional, non-Craft work every day. Christianity and Craft are more than simply who I say I am, they are who I am. They are what I do and believe and embrace.

And I sometimes think that is very radical to people who say, for whatever reason, you cannot be both. The thing is, I can. Jesus told us that all things are possible if asked for in my name. God told us to take care of the earth and use all of the plants and seeds and herbs. We read constant references to the four directions, the elements, the angels and of dreams and prophesies and there is no reason why we must lay down that magikal heritage that God and Jesus Christ gave us from the moment we were created.

I can write a lot of complicated, syncretic stuff on this blog to parallel and compare what witches do with things that happened in the Bible, but the fact is, I don't have to. When I became a Christian, I was ordained in a heavenly priesthood, a bloodline of heirs to the Kingdom of God through my sisterhood with Jesus Christ. This makes me the priestess of my own heart and my own practice. That is the only authority I need. As God wills it, so mote it be.

Thus Endeth the Lesson
Brightest Blessings Be
Aslinn Dhan Dragonhawk
Christian Wicce