Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Even More Books

Merry Meet!

The next book I want to recommend is written by Raymond Buckland. He is the acknowledged father of American witchcraft. There are several books I can recommend of his but the first one is Wicca For One: The Path of Solitary Witchcraft. It is all really good basic stuff that helps you to begin thinking about how you want to celebrate Sabats and Esbats and some good general information about magikal stones and crystals, prayer and meditation and magical terms and alphabets. It is published by Citadel and it is $15.

The next book I really want to impress upon those who are seeking a an eclectic or Christian practice of the Craft, I suggest reading Practical Solitary Magic by Nancy B. Watson. Among all of the books I have read about the magikal arts and the practice of witchcraft, Nancy really takes a strong stand on the idea that magik can be practiced in any religious faith system and these practitioners can proudly claim their place among Pagan and Wiccan practitioners. It's a great book that helps you develope a closer relationship with your concept of God or Goddess and helps you develop a spiritual bond with the craft. She also admits there may be those of us who have no bond whatever with a God type and has no use for one. Weiser Books $17.

The last book for this entry is Self Initiation for the Solitary Witch: Attaining Higher Spirituality Through a Five Degree System by Shanddaramon. It is a fantastic outline for your path of study through the years from novice to elder and discusses such topics as shamanism, divinations, meditations, healing, warrior studies and ecology. It is a great book you will read over and over again and it has so much snowledge a beginning witch really needs. Published by New Page Books $15.

That's a hefty list to be getting on with now, so enjoy these books and in couple of weeks, I'll give you some more titles.

Next time I write, I will give you some simple spells that you can cast and you don't even need a wand or materials.

Until next time,

Blessings Be
Aslinn Dhan Dragonhawk