Sunday, April 02, 2006

Magick and Karmic Return

Merry Meet!

Sorry I haven't been writing. I hadn't realized I'd been away from the blog for so long. There are some topics that I know I said I would discuss but right now I want to talk about magick and Karmic Return. I've had a bit of trouble and I had to really fight the impulse to do some really aggressive spells and charms against this person who is is really making it hard for me at work. And then I thought about Karmic return and I weighed all of the consequences and performed some protective charms and some positive charge charms and my balance and centering is beginning to come back to me. I'm frazzled but fighting.

For those witches who don't know or don't understand the term Karmic Return, I'll try to explain. The Witches Rede states that we are to harm none and that all we do either magickally or otherwise comes back to us threefold. If you do good, then you are rewarded with good times three. If you do bad, then you are rewarded with bad times three. I really had to work hard not to work some sort of hurtful magick against this woman, so I gave myself a refresher course on the Rede over the weekend and dedicated my Friday Esabat to strengthening my defenses and giving myself courage and compassion toward the person I felt wronged me. I'm still working on the compassion part, but I have done nothing negative against her.

I went back and referred to a book called The Wiccan Rede by Mark Ventimiglia and reworked the old lessons I made for myself when I was a novice witch. In a footnote he wrote: "Restrained freedom is the practice of living a free life and executing one's free will but not at the expense of others." I am free to live, work and believe and practice as I will but I can't infringe on the rights of others or harm others, even if I perceive that they are doing me some harm. Because if I believe in Karmic Return, she will rewarded for her deeds and I for mine. One of the first things I ever learned was to never cast in anger and I haven't yet, but boy, have I come close.

I'll end this for now. I'll catch up on the blog topics and perhaps begin putting up some spells that I have had a lot of success with and do some things about herbalism and planting your own garden.

Blessings Be,

Aslinn Dhan