Friday, September 12, 2008

Here are the Daughters of Eve

I just read on the internet that there are places in the world that condones the "honor" killings of women who go against their families. Places like Pakistan and India and Saudi Arabia and Iran and Iraq and Africa where women are still considered chattles and according to the most extreme versions of their religions and cultures are not even endowed with human souls, unable to recieve the benefit of an afterlife because they had the nerve to be born women.

It sickens me, and not because I think that Christianity is unimpeachable in the matters of recognizing the humanity of women. I am sick because there are still places in the world where women can be forced to have their clitorises removed in savage, unsterile rituals, where women can be accused of lechery because she has the termerity to say that she loves someone outside her class, or that she doesn't love someone her fathers, uncles and brothers have chosen for her. Where women cannot seek out modern medicine because they can't disrobe in front of a male doctor and female doctors are unable to practice, so they must have painful births without the aid of medicine, and sometimes die from botched deliveries, babies who should have been delivered by cesarean, or are punished because their first baby was not a baby or cannot concieve at all.

There are places in the world where women can be sold as if they were a car or truck or even cattle because their families can't care for them. There are places in the world where men can and do cheat on their wives and give them the AIDS virus, and are then punished because they are accused of infidelity while their husbands walk away free to infect more. I read a story that there were a rash of rapes in small African village and one of the victims was a small baby baby girl of only a few months old. The local medicine man told the men that they could get rid of the AIDS virus if they had sex with a virgin girl. They could not find anyone but the small baby girl and they opened holes in the body of that precious child and raped her through them because her vagina had not been formed yet.

Here in America, women complain about everything, they think they have it so hard because they don't have a pair of Jimmy Choo's or if they aren't keeping up with the Paris Hilton's or the Brittany Spears' or they aren't like "Desperate Housewives". I see them, walking around half dressed, with glazed looks in their eyes as they talk non-stop on their cell phones carrying their scurvy little dogs in their hand bags. But there are women out there who would love to live in the poorest American home and work the hardest job if it meant that they would be safe, that they wouln't be raped and considered "damaged goods" by their families, or they could say no to a husband who wanted to have sex with them after working like a slave hauling water from a mile away while her husband sat in the shade with the other men because hauling water is woman's work and wouldn't dare do such a thing.

I don't just castigate these primitive countries, I point my fingers at the US. I have been in those fundamentalist churches where women are ordered to be silent, to obey your husband, even when he gets you with one child after another and forces you to home school them and doesn't lift a finger unless it is to raise your nightgown. I point my finger at the men in the US who go on foriegn trips to these countries so they can see exotic sexual practices and have a few practiced on them, sometimes by the children no one wants. I point the finger at my government who since the days of colonial expansion we wandered into these primitive countries and raped the land of their people and their valuable natural resources and then left them for the vultures in the form of dictators and despots. South America, the Congo, India, they were betrayed by the so-called Christian countries after they were exploited.

Women were created by the hand of God, to be a helper to Adam in the beautiful garden. Because she was taken from Adam's body, men are to love their wives because they come from them and they from women. We are all beautiful creations of God and to desecrate one another with violence is desecrate God. And not just the God of Christians or Muslims or Jews or Pagans. We are the reflection of the divine. You want to see the face God? You want to see the God Particle? Look in the mirror, look into the face of your sister, your wife your daughter and your lover, your father, your son, your brother and there is God. And the next time you rape a woman, or beat a woman, or deny the basic human rights of a woman, all of these things will be done to you. For you come from the Daughters of Eve.