Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Here is a picture of me. No bad for a 30 something,eh? It just goes to show you that not all witches are green with warts on their noses. That, by the way, is the way my mom dresses up for Samhain. I don't mind.

Do my parents know that I am a witch? No, they do not. They are pretty open minded but I know they would not understand what I do. It is funny, but they, particularly my mom, practice some form of the Craft every day. Have you ever thought about how you practice the Craft in your own life? How about the last time you had a birthday and you blew out the candles of your birthday cake? The act of making a wish and blowing out candles is a form of candle magik and the act of blowing out the candles a form of casting.

How many of you make a wish on the first star you see in the heavens? Or feed a coin into a wishing well and make a wish? Or even throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder when you spill some? That is a form of the Craft too!How many of you gardeners follow the almanac and plant in the signs? Or cross your fingers for luck? Or hold on to a heads up penny? That too is a part of the Craft.

The Craft has its beginnings in early medicine and healing and pharmacology. Though modern witches tell people to consult their doctors, many of the healing spells go hand in hand with modern medicine. They up lift, spiritually strengthen and calm people as they go through illness. A responsible witch would never suggest a treatment contrary to the advice of a physician though I always suggest a second opinion before undergoing any serious procedure, which is just good advice.